Residential Design


Our Primary Focus at Annable Designs is Residential! This is how we started in the Residential Work.  Founder David T. Annable, has a many years experience and has never lost focus of his Primary Passion of Original and Creative House Designs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to lead client’s through every stage of their residential project! Whether you need just Contractor Plans to Build, or if you are looking for help from planning & pre-design, through the entire design phase, and into the permit & construction document phase. We offer a wide range of residential designs and consulting services to navigate right through until occupancy and beyond.

We are always on-top and updated of Professional and Ministry Updates and Changes to the Housing Standards.

Is your Designer Certified, Educated and Registered to Practice Design Work in Ontario?

  • Always Ask if they have a BCIN Number with the Ministry of Affairs and Housing.
  • Do your Checks!   Visit this link to ensure the Designer is Registered and Current:
  • Click this link to check:  MAH – QuARTS Public Search Registry
Ontario BCIN
Ontario Approved Member
We take on projects of all sizes; from small scale renovation/additions, to a full range of Single Family Developments up to Multi-Unit Dwellings.

Custom Residential Designs:

  • From Contractor Grade to Fully Detailed Plans.
  • Custom and Original Design Services.
  • 2D and 3D Services available.
  • Client / Permit / Construction / Build Ready Plans.

Contractor / Development Designs:

  • Expedited Services for Contractors & Developers
  • Custom and Original Design Services.
  • Ability to produce large volume of designs.
  • Ability to assist project with local Municipalities to ensure no hold-ups or issues.

Renovation / Addition Designs:

  • 100% Accurate, We do existing Measurements and Inspections
  • Fully Detailed and Structural Analysis of Projects
  • Experience in Heritage and Conventional Construction Methods.
  • Client / Permit / Construction / Build Ready Plans.

Smaller Projects, Sunroom & Deck Design :

  • 100% Accurate, We do existing Measurements and Inspections
  • Client / Permit / Construction / Build Ready Plans.
  • By-Law and Zoning Compliance Confirmations.

Restoration / Environmental / Demolition:

  • On Site Analysis of Damaged Buildings / Property
  • Ability to access and prepare Original Building Plans for Insurance Agencies.
  • Consulting Services for Rebuild, Re-Design and Re-Development Concepts.
  • Ability to guide project through any local Municipalities By-Laws / Planning Items.